Outdoor Cat Containment

Outdoor Cat Containment

Outdoor cat containment systems offer safe and efficient ways to contain your cat when needed. Kittywalk is the outdoor portable pet containment system that is safer and more comfortable than cat cages, cat enclosures, and cat pens.  Kittywalk lets your indoor cat safely enjoy the great outdoors!  The ends can be hinged together to attach additional Kittywalks providing your cat with more area in which to romp-without threat of escape.

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Wooden Outdoor Cat Run

This backyard cat patio is ideal for housing and protecting multiple cats when outdoors. The ..


Wooden Outdoor Cattery

Cats love spending time in the fresh air watching bugs, birds and other animals. Our Wooden Outdo..


Outdoor Cat Containment: Additional Shelves for Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure FREE SHIPPING

Additional Shelves for Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure

Build onto your cat enclosure with extra shelves.  Allow kitties an extra place to run, &nbs..


Economy Cat Enclosure Kit

Introducing the new Economy Cat Enclosure Kit. The same great quality in smaller sizes and MUCH..


Kitty Tunnel for Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure

Hereís a great way to attach your Enclosure to your home even if you canít put it directly against..


Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure - Kitten Wire

Winner of CatFancy Editor"s Choice Award for Best New Product !Allow your cats the out-of-doors..


Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure - Standard Wire

Winner of CatFancy Editor"s Choice Award for Best New Product !Allow your cats the out-of-doors..


Outdoor Cat Containment: Screen Door for Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure OUT OF STOCK

Screen Door for Outdoor Redwood Cat Enclosure

Screen cat door can be added, which can be placed in the screen of your window for free access to..


Outdoor Cat Containment: Kittywalk Carnival OUT OF STOCK

Kittywalk Carnival

The Kittywalk Carnival is a combination of the Kittywalk Carousel and the Kittywalk Ferris Wheel w..


Kittywalk Clubhouse

The Clubhouse can be used either as housing for the litter pan, or as a cozy bedroom for safe secu..


Kittywalk Cozy Climber

Carole C. Wilbourn, feline behaviorist, noted author and columnist on cats says, " Kittywalk Cat ..


Kittywalk Curves

Available as a set of 2 curves or a set of 4 curves Each Section is 24 Inches Tall, 18 Inch..


Kittywalk Ferris Wheel

The FERRIS WHEEL is a whimsical delight that allows a cat or multiple cats shady perches from whi..


Kittywalk Gazebo

The Gazebo is Tailor-Made for Those with High Energy Single Cats or Small Dogs. A snap to erect..


Outdoor Cat Containment: Kittywalk Grand Prix OUT OF STOCK

Kittywalk Grand Prix

The Grand Prix combines our most versatile components: one Penthouse, 2 Sets Of 4 Curves and one T..


Kittywalk Kabana

Offers instant protection from the sun Easy to attach awning and hammock Covers 24" sec..


Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Run (Deck and Patio Version)

Independence and safety for your outdoor-loving cat Kitty gets fresh air and sunshine -..


Kittywalk Outdoor Cat Run (Lawn Version)

    Portable outdoor enclosure Sets up in seconds Handy travel ..


Kittywalk Penthouse

Vertical outdoor enclosure that allows your cat or kitten to relax in the fresh air, watch the bi..


Kittywalk T-Connect

Kittywalk T-Connect adds a connector and additional doorway to your existing Kittywalk System of ..


Kittywalk Teepee

Teepee Connects with other Kittywalk units - Except Carnival and Carousel! In addition to the..